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Default Stupid Criminal Of The Day Award

Police: Man Smuggled Meth In Cat Food

A man has been arrested after deputies say he mailed a bag of cat food stuffed with about 260 grams of crystal methamphetamine, according to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.On Wednesday, Brokers Title -- a company in Leesburg -- received a package from Arizona addressed to a client who lives in Washington, D.C., but when contacted, the client said he was not expecting a package, deputies said.
The employee contacted the Fruitland Park Police Department because he thought the circumstances were suspicious. Police opened the package and found about 260 grams of crystal meth hidden in a bag of cat food, deputies said. The drugs were worth around $30,000.At this point, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office Special Investigations Unit took over the investigation.During the investigation, Robert Morris, 48, from Eustis, called the company to ask about the package. Detectives arranged for a third party to meet Morris at a restaurant to deliver the package, deputies said.The two met and Morris was given the package. After a brief struggle, Morris was placed under arrest and taken to Lake County Detention Center where he was charged with trafficking in methamphetamine and resisting arrest, deputies said.His bond is set at $500,500.

Yeah, because mailing somebody a package of Cat Food won't draw any suspicion!
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