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Originally Posted by captken View Post
Have you ever done it?--Often? Once or twice?

I have never removed mine and the zipper is uncomfortable.

Would you buy better looking pants without all of the hidden pockets and zip off legs to be more comfortable?

It seems like everybodies fishing pants follow one design. I have about 5 pair from 3 sources and all are about equally uncomfortable.

I'd love to have some cut like "Comfort cut" jeans with regular pockets. Of course, I'd want them made from breathable fabric and have the built in "Package support."

I wear a fishing vest most of the time because I don't want my phone and camera banging down around my knees in the stupid pockets these companies have settled on.

Opinions and suggestions, please. Maybe somebody will make comfortable, good looking pants if we generate a good response.

I'm going to ICASTweek after next and a list of suggestions to manufacturers might get a response.
Ex Officio. Very well made but pricey.
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