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Sailor50 (9/28/2008)Went down to the beach this morning around sunrise, put out 2 rods with freshshrimp from Sexton's (Kinda expensive now, lowest is $5.95/lb with heads on). No bites at all and something kept getting my bait. Seas were pretty much calm, no surf much.

Tried raking for some fleas, there are some small isolated ones where the waves break and wash up on the sand. Did see one colony, made up of mostly females with eggs.

They really didn't help any, not even a bite on them either. Ended up letting them all free. It was real calm, another fellow was fishing just east of me, didnt see him get anything either.

Neighbor got a Whiting yesterday and I got one last week, that is about it.

Have heard everyone is catching Pompano on the pier and in Pensacolabut nothing in Crystal Beach yet. Anyone else having any luck?
Nice pics!, sounds just like what was happening to me 2 weeks ago in PCB. I think it was small jacks and crabs that kept stealing my bait.:banghead, Hope the the fishing get better for ya. Tight lines!
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