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If you are going to pull the trigger and buy some trolling rigs it would be a good idea to go into one of the local tackle shops and have a talk with someone like Chris V and have a hands on with the rods and reels. The rod class size, the reel, the line, splice knots used are all important things to consider and will make fishing more fun out on the water.

You need to figure out what kind of fishing you are going to do and what your budget will be. Are you going to start out with lower end but serviceable gear and upgrade as you go along? Or are you going to equip yourself with the gear that will last a life time with reasonable maintenance?

Don't be surprised when talking about buying reels with a guy like Chris when they mention that you should consider a good belt and gimbal, perhaps even a harness and definitely a line cutter just in case that dreaded moment ever arises. These things won't be mentioned from a sales point of view but as things that will make you fishing more fun and keep you safe.
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