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What the number on your planer? I use a No 32 and when it goes in it's on 300 lb mono with a loop in the end that I attach to the cleats. I use it like a down rigger but I don't pull it up each time.

To get the baits down I cinch a rubber band on my bait line, the bitter end goes through the swivel end of a snap swivel, then over the snap to cinch it down, then i just snap the snap swivel on the 300 mono and let it go down. This method doesn't take your baits real deep, I figure with my 50 foot setup I get my baits down 25 feet or so. I think it makes the baits more visible being below the boat prop wash.

Fish hits it, rubber band snaps and the planer doesn't trip. Send all subsequent baits down the same way with new rubber band and snap swivel. Pull up planer when done fishing , collect snap swivels rinse off thoroughly, let dry and give a dab of lube and they are ready for the next time.
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