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Originally Posted by Jet fishin View Post
Well I have to say.
My all time favorite musician is Greg Allman. And he look healthier then he has looked in years. The band he played with last night was awesome.
That beening said Hank ruled. End of story.
From the first song. If the south would have won. Thru his sole set. His show was off the chart.
He seemed in good sprites. Did all the normal stuff ie played the piano the fiddle the guitars.
Then played some
ZZ Top
Ted Nugent
Just to name a few.
His comand of lead guitar solos is breath taking.
He smiled a lot.
I will go see him any anytime any where.
As for Mr Allman still my favorite of all time
+1. They were both great, but Hank was just pure badass. Great concert!
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