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Default thats fishing for you

well me and my brother and law decided to go shark fishing at 3 this morning. got out on the beach around 3:30 and because of the new moon phase couldn't really see the surf so we just decided to wait until morning to run out shark bait because I cant swim and don't like to flip in darkness. so we just casted out some shrimp and nothing for awhile. then we get a hard hit and drag starts peeling of my penn fierce. It burnt drag for like 2 minutes and then slowed down and I started to pack line back onto the reel and then the line went limp. some how the circle hook came loose. im thinking a bull red because I did not have a leader and ive never had a ray run like that. well we kept fishing until around 9 with three different shark baits out and nothing all day. got to see some lady fish get torn up by dolphins though.
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