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Originally Posted by sealark View Post
Hey sorry for loosing your respect. All I meant was no one is going to give you there numbers of ANY spots that they catch fish on for whatever reason. If you took my blunt statement as an insult I'm sorry I was going diving and was in a hurry or I would have sugar coated it. I was just stating my experience about numbers. It takes years and dollars to find them. I even gave hundreds of offshore LORAN numbers away to anyone that wanted to convert and use them. If you want them just ask.
Not sure you are understanding the request, I don't want your private numbers (ok that would be a lie I wouldn't turn them down if offered) but I'm not asking for them, simply put...MBT and other public websites list all of these reefs in a text format. I'm not asking anybody to give me verified honeyhole garmin formatted numbers, just a conversion of what's listed on a public website converted to a usable gps format. Otherwise I have to re-invent the wheel which i've already done once for the GPS numbers.

How much more clear do I have to make the request, I don't want anybody's private numbers and I don't want verified honey holes...I just want public gps numbers already in a text format that somebody may have already created a usable kml or garmin format that I can convert in EasyGPS.
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