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  1. Putin's Valdai Speech
  2. To all the Obama haters. Enjoy!
  3. SyrianGirl
  4. Trump being Trump
  5. Teen Joins ISIS But Gets Beaten To Death For Trying To Leave!
  6. Turkey vs Russia
  7. I think we know this person...
  8. This mess is getting complicated
  9. Greedy companies avoiding US taxes
  10. Seems like George w Bush sounds a lot like Obama
  11. Bill Maher Criticizes Liberal Support of Islam
  12. I like it!
  13. Clock Boy
  14. Well isn't this ironic?
  15. IG report: TSA failed to identify 73 workers 'linked to terrorism'
  16. The Republican debate
  17. THE GOP from a Vets POV
  18. Widows and orphans
  19. Resa Aslan-does Islam promote violence?
  20. Trojan horse?
  21. ISIS is contained . . . well, maybe NOT
  22. Buffett rule
  23. Syrian Refugees ??
  24. Pretty good idea re: Syrian immigrant concern
  25. Obama... wussy.
  26. Worst case scenarios?
  27. Slip ups
  28. Rick Scott says no refugees
  29. Trumps Wall
  30. An early Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year
  31. political correctness
  32. They're here
  33. Dreams come true
  34. Democratic debate
  35. Syrian/Muslim immigration
  36. Why is this traitorous scum being granted parole?
  37. Could this come here?
  38. Islam Explained in Layman's Terms
  39. Jihadi John may be gone
  40. Minimum wage
  41. Racial Violence in America
  42. Poor oppressed Mizzou hunger striker
  43. Finally we can learn a little more about the Republican candidates
  44. Appeals court rules against Obama immigration plan
  45. Top 17 Hillary Clinton Scandals
  46. Still Don't Believe Obama Is Destroying This Country?
  47. If the Taliban went to war like the US government operates
  48. Pensacola City Counsel preparing to allow men in women's bathrooms. This Monday!
  49. How I View Being Gay.
  50. Ben Carson and his Pyramid theory
  51. Private sector jobs per president and party through the years
  52. Trump just cannot control himself
  53. KKK List
  54. Cruz's stock is going up in my ledger
  55. New VA scam.
  56. Obama bans 'criminal history' question from federal application
  57. congress stealing our social security
  58. Hillary Lied About Benghazi
  59. And you wanna vote for Hillary Clinton? NEVER
  60. More robbing from Social Security
  61. The GOP and the Rise of Anti-Knowledge
  62. Have you ever seen such a biased debate?
  63. Cannabis 4 the troops and me, you!!!
  64. Number 1 with a bullet..........
  65. Message to Nobama
  66. Hillary's criminal arrogance
  67. Benghazi on fox tonight at 7pm
  68. Paul Ryan is the wrong choice sor Speaher of the House
  69. I got good news & I got bad news!
  70. Oops...
  71. It's about time
  72. Famous Quote from Donald Trump
  73. Hillary Clinton said mandatory gun buy-back program
  74. Israeli ambassador: Tell the truth about conflict, terror
  75. Free free free
  76. Hillary did not want to address credibility issues during debate
  77. Don't watch before, during, or after meal
  78. Obama's Cuba policy bears fruit
  79. Democratic Showdown
  80. US military airdrops 50 tons of ammo for Syrian fighters
  81. Is Obama delusional?
  82. Iran violates UN resolution but Obama still gives greenlight to nuclear deal
  83. Democrap's war on women
  84. Ex Benghazi investigator admits it was a fraud aimed at Hillary
  85. Elect Gingrich as Speaker
  86. Ted Cruz demolishes Sierra Club president
  87. Ben Carson should win "Coon of the Year" award
  88. School shootings
  89. Do you agree with him or disagree?
  90. Putin for President?
  91. Syria
  92. Tough Talk no worky
  93. So much for Obama's claim the world is safer now
  94. How to get around the 2nd Ammendment
  95. Liberal Lunacy
  96. pope meeting with odumba
  97. Bohner out
  98. Effective way to kill Muslims....Send them on a pilgrimage to Mecca
  99. FACTS that republican candidates will never admit about President Obama
  100. Walker's OUT
  101. Hillary Clinton says US effort in Syria a failure
  102. Fact checking the GOP lies from the debate
  103. Obama is a Muslim and was born in Kenya
  104. Ann Coulter Jew comments
  105. In debate showdown, Rand Paul the only adult on stage
  106. The Ticket?
  107. Republican debate
  108. Republican debate
  109. Hard-wired
  110. Trump
  111. Boarder Security?
  112. Aunt Bea is a progressive
  113. Difference between liberals and conservatives
  114. Trump AGAIN...
  115. Low Information Voters
  116. Democratic Presidential candidates ?
  117. Trump, MORE Mysogny...
  118. 307K die waiting for VA health care signup
  119. Fair and balanced Fox news calls out Cheney about Iran
  120. These Kids...
  121. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
  122. Downfall of rome
  123. All the California Gun Control Laws and...
  124. Trump, after Republican pledge, breaks from pack on Iran, gay marriage
  125. Trump Commercial
  126. 51% Illegals on some form of welfare
  127. The TRUTH about the origins of ISIS
  128. Conviction...
  129. Conservative Guide to the Galaxy
  130. I couldn't have said it better . . . .
  131. Harris County Texas Sheriff Deputy Killed
  132. Truth
  133. Bush's Pensacola Visit
  134. Another Lois Lerner email account
  135. Clinton's email - agift that keeps on giving...
  136. Was ISIS Analysis Distorted?
  137. Now this is interesting....
  138. Immigration
  139. Question for the Illegal Immigrant Haters
  140. Who's in Mobile getting Trumped
  141. A Trump employed illegal has a great message in his video
  142. Server Too
  143. George W. Bush's CIA Briefer: Bush & Cheney Falsely Presented WMD Intelligence to Pub
  144. Anyone going to see Bush next week?
  145. Whats worse than a Republican politician?
  146. Birmingham cop hesitates
  147. ISIS one-ups themselves in creative murder
  148. Three Dozen Retired Generals and Admirals Back Iran Deal
  149. Yo Dowgs if If Bernie can't control
  150. Trump...
  151. The Donald
  152. Fox news
  153. GOP Debate what channel ?
  154. “10,000 fearless men” to “rise up and kill
  155. Hillary releases financial statement
  156. A Tale of Two Cities
  157. Is Republican George Voinovich lying about this?
  158. Interesting discovery about the Iran deal you probably haven't heard.
  159. My man Bernie out polling the GOP field.
  160. Be careful what you ask for !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  161. Bobbie Jindal will suspend 1st amendment in Lousiana
  162. Ted Cruz blasts McConnell to his face
  163. Alla Akbar satarical video.
  164. cruz reams mitch
  165. Allen West, A "Damn Stupid" Deal. Inspiring speach from New York.
  166. What is a conservative?
  167. Iran deal
  168. He will win
  169. Another blow to Joe
  170. Words we will never hear Obama say.
  171. Jim Webb why not?
  172. The plot to marginalize Bernie Sanders
  173. Planned Parenthood
  174. Just Doing His Job...
  175. Tennesse shooting
  176. Jeb
  177. Iran deal
  178. How to get fired from Fox Business in under 5 mins
  179. 21 questions for "The Donald"
  180. Memoir on Pauperism
  181. Health Insurance
  182. Bubba...
  183. Guess Trump was wrong.
  184. Well, that didn't take long!
  185. Creating law where their is no law
  186. Automatic License Plate Recognition Scanning Systems
  187. Polygamy
  188. Top 10 quotes from dissenting justices on today's decision
  189. One of our Commissioners at his finest...
  190. Gay marriage
  191. Latest ISIS video
  192. When will republicans show an alternative to Obamacare?
  193. Giving the president more power
  194. ObamaNet
  195. Hmmmm......
  196. Trump for president ?????
  197. Transracial
  198. Political Quiz
  199. A different perspective, for sure
  200. Obama to regulate 'diversity'
  201. What's Your Take?
  202. Is it just me?
  203. Waste in Social Security Disability
  204. Duggars?
  205. Getting the Band Back Together?
  206. Abercrobie and Fitch court case
  207. 14 facts about Obama's presidency
  208. Ive made this exact statement of PFF many times
  209. Bernie Sanders
  210. TSA agents failed 67 out of 70 tests
  211. Muslim world reacts to Obama's latest speech
  212. Repubicans and Vets
  213. Putin claims he has proof that 9/11 was an inside job by the US government.
  214. ISIS / Iraq
  215. I couldn't have sat through it
  216. Jail Time....
  217. Democrats= communist...
  218. Hmmm...
  219. war against islam
  220. How cute. She thinks she's still relevant (lol)
  221. Fair and Balanced?
  222. anyone hear about this?
  223. Awaiting Obama's comments ....
  224. A Note to America
  225. ANOTHER Thug gets spanked!
  226. Syria...Problem Solved
  227. Forbes showing Obama vs Reagan statistics
  228. Ben Carson?
  229. Good For Her!
  230. Switchblade/Illegal-Arrest .... or NOT?
  231. Sheriff David Morgan for re-election
  232. 6 Officers Charged
  233. Black Man explains exactly what is going on in Baltimore & Why.
  234. Clarke Again!
  235. 1934 Cartoon
  236. MSNBC Breaking News--US Ship Seized by Iran
  237. Hypocrisy at its' finest...
  238. Elizabeth Warren calls on Obama to declassify TPP
  239. Considering the HildaBeast? Get some coffee and see what Snopes has for ya.
  240. The Ted Nugent Trade
  241. Gun Control
  242. Obama Apologizes... AGAIN!
  243. Do these numbers lie?
  244. The Hildabeast...mmm hmm
  245. Alabama BP money?
  246. Another Clinton Scandal
  247. SCOTUS limits dog sniffs
  248. HillBilly
  249. Candidates?
  250. Two Coffees in Heaven! Political Humor.