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  1. Bernie Supporters be like!!
  2. Global Warming
  3. BB's a Dem NUT???
  4. ONLY IN AMERICA, where have we heard this BEFORE
  5. Border agents ordered to stand down
  6. Would you buy cookies from this "Girl Scout?"
  7. Ted Cruz what a dirtbag.
  8. ISIS and oil revenues
  9. 5 truths you can't disagree with!
  10. Hitler learns that Hillary was using his private server
  11. Jesus quotes the candidates
  12. Good for her!
  13. A new theme from the GOP?
  14. Youths' attraction to Sanders shows education failure
  15. Who 'ya got part III
  16. Who 'ya got part II
  17. Who 'ya got?
  18. straight outta options
  19. A Canadians view....Spot on!
  20. Ted Cruz is getting desparate in Iowa.
  21. Lawmaker vows to stop ‘Confederate cleansing’ and ‘cultural terrorism’ in Georgia
  22. Iran Flew Drone Over US Carrier
  23. Wounded Warrior Project
  24. Live Stream: Donald Trump Holds Special Event for Veterans in Des Moines, IA
  25. Opinion: Americans tired of elites calling them stupid and mean
  26. I feel safer by the minute
  27. Democratic party doesnt support Sanders
  28. Trump cries foul and wont be at the last debate?
  29. The girls have more balls than OGirlyMan
  30. So wasn't the intent of the GM bailout to SAVE American jobs?
  31. Air Force tells brass they can OK guns on base
  32. Bernie Sanders Tax Brackets
  33. Bernie's path to the WH
  34. Five Frequently Fatal Freshman Physics Fantasies
  35. America's Poorest States...
  36. Merkel has killed Germany
  37. The Affordable Plumbing Care Act
  38. Mizzou Learns Appeasing Black Lives Matter Is Bad For Business
  39. Hillary will do whatever it takes to get a vote . . .
  40. An interesting analogy
  41. Pandering...
  42. Sarah Palin endorses The Donald
  43. Follow the leader
  44. no blacks nominated for oscar
  45. Is this what's behind Iranian's chant "Death to America"?
  46. Christian mothers fighting ISIS
  47. And why can't we do this?
  48. Most significant inventions that have shaped our world
  49. The government doing what it does best . . .
  50. End of EU?
  51. Thursday night debate thread
  52. Donald Trump Visit
  53. Breaking The Back Of A Super Power
  54. Obama purchasing a Villa in United Arab Emirates city
  55. Israel and the Palistinians plus more
  56. Heston what a great man!
  57. My second question about the Constitution and religion...
  58. here fishy, fishy, fishy...
  59. Couple more quotes...
  60. Raccoons in the Basement
  61. One can only hope . . .
  62. Birds of a feather? Trump admires Kin Jong Un
  63. Berlin New Years Eve Migrants Firing Guns
  64. Please help me understand a couple questions about separation of church and state.
  65. Question about POTUS
  66. Several quotes from the same poster here on the political forum
  67. Escambia Sheriff Candidates Debate, 11 Jan.
  68. Free Donald Trump Tickets
  69. what say you ?
  70. Shut the F Up Donnie......TRUMPY
  71. Vote Bowe Bergdahl for Secretary of State!
  72. Iran breaks treaty; tests nuclear weapon...
  73. The Moral and Intellectual Bankruptcy of Academia
  74. Trump coming to Pcola Jan 13
  75. The debt ceiling
  76. Refugees
  77. Trump Rally in Biloxi
  78. Gun Control
  79. More police bashing
  80. Go Israel
  81. Walmart and welfare
  82. Clinton and the Bohemian club.
  83. Thanks, Obama: Highest Earners’ Tax Rates Rose Sharply in 2013
  84. Obama Memorial Landfill
  85. Rubio: Amend the U.S. Constitution
  86. Proposed 2015 Assault Weapons Ban
  87. We've Crossed The Tipping Point; Most Americans Now Receive Government Benefits
  88. 2 Democrats on an escalator
  89. Hillary's accomplishments ?
  90. George Will and a Trump nomination
  91. Jobless claims at 42 year low, big thank you to Mr. President!
  92. Which one of y'all was it?
  93. Fox news poll-Which Presidential candidate do you find the most truthful?
  94. Wow!
  95. Muslims helping Christians
  96. Pat Condell Nails It (again)
  97. The truth about Muslim Terrorism...
  98. Where is the President's head?
  99. Hildabeast's foul mouth
  100. Cadillac tax?
  101. The Debate last night
  102. Anyone watching the witch and the crazy man show?
  103. Prediction
  104. What a moron . . .
  105. Nebraska/Oklahoma v Colorado
  106. Harry Reid Directly Solicited Contribution From Private Equity Giant Before Controver
  107. And why do Muslims think their problem is ours to solve?
  108. Ryan give away
  109. Dana Loesch unleashes on "Godless Left"
  110. Hide your women
  111. By The Numbers - The Untold Story of Muslim Opinions & Demographics
  112. My 1st GOP Debate to watch
  113. 5 ISIS killed by 3 shots from SAS sniper
  114. Obama and his athletic ability
  115. Is this what most Muslim Americans think of America?
  116. And Hand the Election to Hilary!
  117. Ted Cruz, the anointed Christian King?
  118. Nukes?
  119. We do have a idiot problem.
  120. Why in the Hell would the Obama administration let this happen.
  121. Rahm E throws Chi PD under the bus ... then get's thrown under himself
  122. What if Clueless was president in 1941?
  123. Two Fox News contributors suspended for reaction to President's speech on terrorism
  124. The model socialist country trying to get rid of Syrian refugees
  125. No-Fly List Gun Purchases
  126. Norway offers refugees free flights
  127. Slip of the tongue or is Obama going soft on us?
  128. 5 Reasons YOU Are The Real Terrorist. Yes, You, Law-Abiding American.
  129. The Democratic Party is a Death Cult
  130. So, do stricter gun control laws work?
  131. ISIS hates to be called DAESH
  132. It was you . . .
  133. Christian VS Muslim funny video
  134. Putin's Valdai Speech
  135. To all the Obama haters. Enjoy!
  136. SyrianGirl
  137. Trump being Trump
  138. Teen Joins ISIS But Gets Beaten To Death For Trying To Leave!
  139. Turkey vs Russia
  140. I think we know this person...
  141. This mess is getting complicated
  142. Greedy companies avoiding US taxes
  143. Seems like George w Bush sounds a lot like Obama
  144. Bill Maher Criticizes Liberal Support of Islam
  145. I like it!
  146. Clock Boy
  147. Well isn't this ironic?
  148. IG report: TSA failed to identify 73 workers 'linked to terrorism'
  149. The Republican debate
  150. THE GOP from a Vets POV
  151. Widows and orphans
  152. Resa Aslan-does Islam promote violence?
  153. Trojan horse?
  154. ISIS is contained . . . well, maybe NOT
  155. Buffett rule
  156. Syrian Refugees ??
  157. Pretty good idea re: Syrian immigrant concern
  158. Obama... wussy.
  159. Worst case scenarios?
  160. Slip ups
  161. Rick Scott says no refugees
  162. Trumps Wall
  163. An early Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year
  164. political correctness
  165. They're here
  166. Dreams come true
  167. Democratic debate
  168. Syrian/Muslim immigration
  169. Why is this traitorous scum being granted parole?
  170. Could this come here?
  171. Islam Explained in Layman's Terms
  172. Jihadi John may be gone
  173. Minimum wage
  174. Racial Violence in America
  175. Poor oppressed Mizzou hunger striker
  176. Finally we can learn a little more about the Republican candidates
  177. Appeals court rules against Obama immigration plan
  178. Top 17 Hillary Clinton Scandals
  179. Still Don't Believe Obama Is Destroying This Country?
  180. If the Taliban went to war like the US government operates
  181. Pensacola City Counsel preparing to allow men in women's bathrooms. This Monday!
  182. How I View Being Gay.
  183. Ben Carson and his Pyramid theory
  184. Private sector jobs per president and party through the years
  185. Trump just cannot control himself
  186. KKK List
  187. Cruz's stock is going up in my ledger
  188. New VA scam.
  189. Obama bans 'criminal history' question from federal application
  190. congress stealing our social security
  191. Hillary Lied About Benghazi
  192. And you wanna vote for Hillary Clinton? NEVER
  193. More robbing from Social Security
  194. The GOP and the Rise of Anti-Knowledge
  195. Have you ever seen such a biased debate?
  196. Cannabis 4 the troops and me, you!!!
  197. Number 1 with a bullet..........
  198. Message to Nobama
  199. Hillary's criminal arrogance
  200. Benghazi on fox tonight at 7pm
  201. Paul Ryan is the wrong choice sor Speaher of the House
  202. I got good news & I got bad news!
  203. Oops...
  204. It's about time
  205. Famous Quote from Donald Trump
  206. Hillary Clinton said mandatory gun buy-back program
  207. Israeli ambassador: Tell the truth about conflict, terror
  208. Free free free
  209. Hillary did not want to address credibility issues during debate
  210. Don't watch before, during, or after meal
  211. Obama's Cuba policy bears fruit
  212. Democratic Showdown
  213. US military airdrops 50 tons of ammo for Syrian fighters
  214. Is Obama delusional?
  215. Iran violates UN resolution but Obama still gives greenlight to nuclear deal
  216. Democrap's war on women
  217. Ex Benghazi investigator admits it was a fraud aimed at Hillary
  218. Elect Gingrich as Speaker
  219. Ted Cruz demolishes Sierra Club president
  220. Ben Carson should win "Coon of the Year" award
  221. School shootings
  222. Do you agree with him or disagree?
  223. Putin for President?
  224. Syria
  225. Tough Talk no worky
  226. So much for Obama's claim the world is safer now
  227. How to get around the 2nd Ammendment
  228. Liberal Lunacy
  229. pope meeting with odumba
  230. Bohner out
  231. Effective way to kill Muslims....Send them on a pilgrimage to Mecca
  232. FACTS that republican candidates will never admit about President Obama
  233. Walker's OUT
  234. Hillary Clinton says US effort in Syria a failure
  235. Fact checking the GOP lies from the debate
  236. Obama is a Muslim and was born in Kenya
  237. Ann Coulter Jew comments
  238. In debate showdown, Rand Paul the only adult on stage
  239. The Ticket?
  240. Republican debate
  241. Republican debate
  242. Hard-wired
  243. Trump
  244. Boarder Security?
  245. Aunt Bea is a progressive
  246. Difference between liberals and conservatives
  247. Trump AGAIN...
  248. Low Information Voters
  249. Democratic Presidential candidates ?
  250. Trump, MORE Mysogny...