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  1. 28 Things Donald Trump Promises to Do as President
  2. Vote
  3. Does anybody really believe ....
  4. Hillary Supporter...Drunk and Dumb
  5. Living the good life off of our dime
  6. Presidential?
  7. Hillary commits another crime
  8. Amendment 1 to the FL Constitution
  9. POTUS election betting odds
  10. Frightened, yet? Embarrassed, yet?
  11. MaryJane ...state by state this election
  12. Hillary Takes a Dump in Georgia
  13. Whos Voting for Hillary?
  14. Another look from UVA's Center for Politics
  15. Trump invites Obama's half-brother as his guest at the debate!!
  16. Trump phenomenon explained....Good read for Trump supporters!
  17. Trump attacks revolving door
  18. God bless the USA
  19. GOP National Security Expert Defends Clinton On Emails
  20. Jim Comey
  21. O’Keefe Video Sting Exposes ‘Bird-Dogging’ — Democrats’ Effort to Incite Violence at
  22. Uh Oh ... election in question already
  23. Medical Marijuana?
  24. A little primary math.
  25. Forbes: Obama the smallest government spender since Republican hero Eisenhower...
  26. The Press Buries Hillary Clinton’s Sins
  27. "The Hideous, Diabolical Truth About Hillary Clinton"
  28. Hillary's Effect on the Markets
  29. Jon Voight's plea to save America
  30. Rednecks
  31. Interactive model from NYT
  32. Interesting Methodology Article re the USC/LAT Poll Process
  33. Top 10 Hillary Clinton Myths Debunked
  34. Amendment 1-Florida Solar
  35. Bernie supporters stealing andys plan
  36. Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party DVD release
  37. Obama flaunting erection
  38. Worst thing about the elections???
  39. Is this foreal?
  40. Article ... Is there a precedent for a trump comeback?
  41. More HRC campaign hypocrisy
  42. Message from Brussels
  43. Forbes article on trump's sniffling ...way funny
  44. Hillary Clinton regards vetting refugees as impossible
  45. Elections official caught on video blasting de Blasio’s ID program
  46. Banished: Bill Clinton’s ‘son’ Speaks Out, Asks for DNA Test
  47. Realclearpolitics summar of Polls for Tuesday, 11 Oct 16
  48. fivethirtyeight article on Muslim voter activities
  49. trump unshackled
  50. After the debate
  51. Astroturf ‘Outrage Machine’ of Paid Trolls Floods Social Media to Counteract Negative
  52. Mini Trump.
  53. Asian-American Voters are Diverse But Unified Against trump
  54. Rasmussen Article Says Biggest Poll Split Ever between HRC and trump
  55. Trump appearing with Bill's accusers
  56. Gonna Get Ugly Tonight...
  57. Challenge your congreesman and senator
  58. 81.6-18.4 - Latest numbers from fivethirtyeight
  59. Hillary goes cock-eyed again!
  60. Trump Appologises
  61. "No toss-ups" Electoral Maps - POTUS and Senate
  62. Blaming Government for Teacher and Scientist Failures in Integrity
  63. ANOTHER quote from Twitter.
  64. Latest trump disaster
  65. Betting Odds on the Election
  66. FiveThirtyEight article outlining their assessments on movements
  67. Crooked Hillary...still
  68. Who is more "dangerous?"
  69. Hillary demanded Bill abandon his only son
  70. Obama are
  71. Vote Yes on 2?
  72. The VP debate
  73. Polls for Wednesday, 5 Oct 16
  74. Crickets?
  75. A quote from Twitter...
  76. Polls - even Ohio tightening .... interesting ...
  77. Another incredible trump article - "psychotically sycophantic"
  78. Is the FBI Corrupt?
  79. Who should conservative Christians vote for?
  80. How soon they forget
  81. Yeah - of course she is crazy, but ...
  82. Latest Polls
  83. Congress Overrides Obama Veto
  84. Obamas stump for Hillary but...
  85. I wish Trump would listen....
  86. The email scandal is a blackeye for American politics
  87. And so it begins.
  88. Johnson will drop out
  89. More interesting trump foundation news ...
  90. Thursday's Polls
  91. Article - "Opinions Both third-party candidates would be terrible presidents"
  92. Krauthammer on the circumstances of the election
  93. Blm 101
  94. National Museum of African-American History
  95. Detroit News endorses Johnson
  96. Wednesday polls summary
  97. George Will rips into trump
  98. Vickers and Morell reopens into trump, again
  99. Steve Case makes an exception and endorses Clinton
  100. Another Aleppo Moment from Gary Johnson
  101. trump made an extra 30k on this guy's back
  102. "Sympathy for the Donald"
  103. This is the kind of stuff that disturbs me
  104. Call on me, teacher!
  105. A wealthy mans views on Taxes VS Trump
  106. This country is in trouble
  107. Who Won?
  108. Would someone please go paint over this?
  109. Polls - Monday, 26 Sep 16
  110. Do Fundamentalist Colleges Deserve a "Weary Eye [sic]" in Science Education?
  111. Clinton's Estate Tax a "Devastatingly Stupid Idea"
  112. Improving Economic Conditions - Another Knowledge-based article from the NYT
  113. A Week of Whoppers from trump
  114. Charlotte Shooting
  115. Stop and Frisk
  116. Latest Polls, Saturday, 24 Sep 16
  117. Child rape victim comes forward for the first time in 40 years
  118. Zombie apocalypse now
  119. Charlotte shooting
  120. October Surprise
  121. This is really funny ....about Cruz endorsing trump
  122. There very definition of "backpedalling"
  123. Today's Polls
  124. Evil Granny Shouting and Wagging Finger
  125. Latest Polls, Thursday, 22 Sep 16
  126. 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act, a.k.a. the McCarran-Walter Act
  127. Russia
  128. Trump Live now in PA
  129. Clinton "Between Two Ferns"
  130. Rasmussen Report and Nate Silver
  131. Hurricane Season
  132. Hilliary aide self preservation
  133. First the horrific circumstances of trump ...now THIS!!
  134. More surprising disclosures re trump?
  135. Polls all over the place ...
  136. Trump Gains Dim Democratic Senate Chances
  137. The CPD debates
  138. Tulsa Shooting
  139. Clinton Tops List Of Arms Company Campaign Contributions
  140. Hate Crimes Against Muslims on The Rise
  141. Is PFF Okay with Trump raising taxes?
  142. Just think back...how easy it would have been to support Sanders
  143. Reaping what we've sown
  144. Wisconsin Woman and Son Accused of Stealing $3 Million in Food Stamps
  145. Proud of America
  146. ‘Immigrants Shouldn’t Assimilate’
  147. More crazy trump stuff
  148. Hillary Overcharging Poorest Donors
  149. Trump's Birther BS and the spin
  150. trump smoke and mirrors economic speech ...more guarantees without substance
  151. Labor force numbers ...More irrational trump nonsense?
  152. Summary of models from NYT
  153. Pigs In a Blanket. Fry 'Em Like Bacon
  154. Educating Women in Science and Engineering
  155. Ford shifting all U.S. small-car production to Mexico
  156. Trump can turn even little stuff into criminal behavior
  157. Socialism Hard at Work for the People
  158. Way to go TRUMP. Bravo sir!
  159. Funny take on trump and Hitler
  160. 'Stage 3' of neuro-degenerative disease
  161. Well, lookie what we get to pay for now!
  162. Fair and balanced coverup by CBS
  163. Billions to Israel
  164. Dinesh D'Souza at Mattie Kelly Art Center
  165. Hillary in default
  166. Trump Body Slams Vince McMahon
  167. Bundy Trial
  168. HRC attrackting all forms of life
  169. Hiding Hillary
  170. Research Proves Google Manipulates Millions to Favor Clinton
  171. Hillary's lastest medical incident
  172. Basket of Deplorables!!!
  173. I give you Morgan Freeman.
  174. Pure Genius!
  175. Hillary draws huge crowds.
  176. Another flip from Donnie for the good this time.
  177. It's Official Obama is a worm!
  178. what you think
  179. Don’t like Trump/Pence…….Don’t like Clinton/Kaine
  180. Aleppo
  181. Who does this sound like?
  182. ITT & Federal backed student loans
  183. Obama Kept His Promise, 83,000 Coal Jobs Lost And 400 Mines Shuttered
  184. Thousands of pages of Clinton records set for release
  185. Stare down
  186. Trump leads in new CNN poll
  187. Young Blacks Voice Skepticism about HRC
  188. NC Voter ID
  189. France terror attack
  190. Hillary Untrustworthy
  191. trump's bet: We are all chumps
  192. George Soros Trump Will Win Popular Vote in Landslide
  193. More on the demography of GOP and Dem parties ..
  194. Very Interesting.
  195. Mortgage Corruption - any ideas...
  196. The Great Wall of Trump
  197. Dr. Drew on. Hillary's Health
  198. DoJ training Video transgender
  199. Hillary is a criminal and Trump is not?
  200. Pensacola: Safe Haven for Muslim Immigrants?
  201. Trump
  202. Matt Lauer to moderate the first forum betwixt Trump and Hillary
  203. Amendment 2
  204. More big nanny government
  205. Obama to take over the Election !
  206. NYT Chronology on When GOP Leadership Turned Negative on trump
  207. Democrats
  208. Donnie J Trump talking out if his arse
  209. Long Past Time
  210. The bigots guide to hating southerners
  211. A Literary Guide to Hating Barack Obama
  212. Racist
  213. As Donald Trump Repels Minority Voters, G.O.P. Fears Its Future in the West
  214. OMG - I didn't realize there was a video interview of trump's doctor
  215. The U.S. Dept of Clinton
  216. More bad news for Hillary
  217. For all the naysayers
  218. Dems have 60% shot at taking Senate?
  219. trump and donations
  220. Clinton medical condition ...an 11th toe!
  221. Just think back ..how easy it would have been to support John Kasich
  222. Clinton INC = Corruption
  223. Mind boggling
  224. How many remember.....
  225. Matt Gaetz AWOL
  226. History Lesson "Democrates"
  227. Cris Dosev for Congress
  228. NYT Editorial Board - How Can American Recover from Donald Trump?
  229. More on Global Warning - Good NYT Article
  230. trump involved with China in loan on a shared business deal?
  231. More over-posting with the clear hope ...
  232. trump campaign manager - Kellyanne Conway
  233. Protestesters spit on Ederly trump supporters
  234. Yeehaaaaa - Florida Polls!
  235. The polls aren't telling us everything.
  236. Realclearpolitics - latest polls and odds ...
  237. Tweets relationship to polls
  238. Playing Pokeman at the Whitehouse
  239. Trump's casino debt and Christie.
  240. Why Florida is trump's best swing state
  241. HRC 88.1%, trump 11.9% - Latest Polls Update, 17 Aug
  242. "I've Always Voted Republican, Until Now," Dan Ackerman, former CEO of GM
  243. Clinton Medical Condition
  244. Mississippi continues in a special position
  245. My how things have changed
  246. New trump campaign manager ....
  247. Hahahaha .... killing me ....trump, again ...
  248. Joe Biden - look at my guy with the nuke codes, right there!!
  249. Hacked Soros Memo: $650,000 to Black Lives Matter
  250. New Poll - Hillary Clinton is beating Trump by 56-20 among voters under 35