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  1. Where were the "militia" ....
  2. Marijuana was made legal in 2 states and the world didn't end.
  3. Two words...
  4. Your new Federal Govt at work in Nevada-- Video
  5. Fort Hood
  6. Navada Rancher vs the US Govt
  7. The GOP has picked it's 2016 candidate....
  8. den of rattlesnakes
  9. Medicare reimbursement data
  10. Hitler said this.......Sara Brady said this. Gun control
  11. DeWalt Gun LOL
  12. Putin vs Obama
  13. Undocumented
  14. When Liberals win!
  15. Convention of States
  16. BYE BYE a Third Party...
  17. More from our "Camel Jocy President"
  18. GOP "establishment" pushing Jeb
  19. Stealing Elections
  20. Who's gonna be our next governor?
  21. A Nation of Takers
  22. our muslim leader
  23. Importing Trouble
  24. Stupid Polititian quotes
  25. Destruction of the military is by design
  26. choice for democrat for presidency
  27. Sweet 16 reasons to sign up for obamacare
  28. Sunshine Week - NWF Daily News - Editorial
  29. Funny
  30. Republican wins Florida Special Election
  31. obama care.ha ha ha
  32. Obama "Between Two Ferns"
  33. Hole in the Ozone, Global Warming, or Climate Change?
  34. Surgeon General
  35. Green Eggs and Ham by Sara Palin
  36. Crimea?
  37. Early Choice forRepublican Candidate?
  38. The One
  39. Funny how things come back and bite you in the A**
  40. Will Ukraine fight ?
  41. Ukraine
  42. Depression era problems you never heard of
  43. Marco Rubio's response to Harkin's praise of Cuba
  44. Successor to the Military-Industrial Complex
  45. A message to our very own PFF "Knuckleheads"
  46. The FCC plans to monitor news rooms
  47. Legal setback for the Keith Stone Pipeline
  48. Bad news for conspiracy guys....
  49. Any idea when MSNBC is going to air this?
  50. The goverment now wants to track every citizen by DNA
  51. Who creates jobs? Producers or Consumers?
  52. Mr. "Chocolate City" found guilty.
  53. Former Mayor Nagin---guilty
  54. Illegal to watch animal fights
  55. Latest change....
  56. Famous Presidential Lies
  57. Sound Familiar?
  58. What would happen if Marshal Law starts?
  59. Women mutilation thread...
  60. Geraldo Rivera is so prejudice !
  61. Rep. Gerry Connolly defends jackboots.
  62. Just what we need...
  63. 14 combat deployments
  64. Seymore Hoffman or Chris Kyle ?
  65. our first black president
  66. Veteran Benefits Letter
  67. The reality of ACA.........
  68. Labor unions 'bitterly disappointed'
  69. I wonder who?
  70. In case you missed the "State of the Union" last night....
  71. Have you sent your $ 10 to Michelle Obama yet?
  72. I would rather take wife shopping on coupon day
  73. What would you rather do than listen to our president babble?
  74. Well
  75. Bondi Bites Rant
  76. Selective Targeting?
  77. ObamaCare LBGT Mandates
  78. Well isn't this special
  79. 50 states of fear
  80. I Despise NY
  81. Interesting Obama Video...Watch and decide.
  82. Benghazi 101
  83. Who controls the US?
  84. North Korean execution
  85. signing up for Obama care
  86. Execution by dogs
  87. Good morning
  88. I want my old health insurance plan back !!
  89. I Thought the Movie Was the Culprit
  90. Race Based Sudent Discipline?
  91. Racial quotas for punishment in schools
  92. Punishment
  93. Can you see where this is going?
  94. President: Al Qaeda is 'on the way to defeat'
  95. Could You Pass a Drug Test Tomorrow?
  96. Recreational marijuana sales
  97. Really!?!?!?!?!
  98. Sad day for taxpayers
  99. A Quiz....Who said it?
  100. BHO " Colledge Id card Says Forein Student
  101. License Plate Scanners
  102. To all of my Marine Friends.... Merry Christmas
  103. Winter Salutations
  104. Oh-bama snubbed
  105. Palastinians?
  106. phil robertson for president
  107. Cuts to military retired pension..
  108. The south and the Civil War.
  109. 72 Killed Resisting Gun Confiscation in Boston
  110. Bama Fans Nervous over Obama comments
  111. Texas A&M Reports Obama is 5th Best President Ever
  112. George W. sends letter to Bama kicker
  113. Medicinal Marijuana vote 2014?
  114. Our New Spy Satellite
  115. Where's MS these days?
  116. Kennedy?
  117. Here is your reason to carry, and to shoot first..
  118. Anybody else getting their pets signed up for the ACA yet?
  119. Representative Barten TX
  120. Before his Death, Father of ADHD Admitted it Was a Fictitious Disease
  121. "No reasonable expectation of privacy"
  122. The waste....
  123. When the Obama Magic Died
  124. NYC vs Chicago
  125. A perspective on Obamacare and our current inept government
  126. Obamacare designed to fail?
  127. It's free swipe your EBT
  128. hahaha...funny!
  129. The Green Push
  130. Health Care Navigators
  131. Rand Paul Plagerism
  132. Just leaving this here....
  133. Ms. Marvel the Muslim??
  134. Hilary 2016
  135. Drudge at 1840 local
  136. Pseudo-Libertarian Governor Wannabe Hands VA to the Left
  137. Liar in Chief - You can keep your plan...
  138. Free gas for some people
  139. Is Obama purging the military?
  140. I am The ObamaCare Website Girl; This is My story
  141. Let me get this right....
  142. Where Is Lush Rimbaugh?
  143. Benghazi Redux
  144. Is HHS Capable of Administering Anything?
  145. Obama politics = personal cram down
  146. The Outrage Arrives
  147. 60 Minutes Benghazi Report: 'We're Here To Kill Americans, Not Libyans'
  148. More Obamacare Problems
  149. Notice from MediaCom
  150. Obama..."I Know Nothing."
  151. 2014/2016 elections ACA crushing Dem hppefuls
  152. What would your answer be?
  153. Circus in town?????
  154. Fake faint??????? I said BS, then saw the video.
  155. 300,000 Floridian's loose health care
  156. Obama administration scandals
  157. 2016 Presidential Election
  158. One of the Best Mark Levin Shows...IMHO
  159. Rep Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX)....Martial Law???
  160. I guess rap music means poor
  161. 'Merica gets "Punked"
  162. McCain says...
  163. Obama wants to get into your brain to help support national security
  164. Mychel Massie says it all about Obama
  165. In U.S., Perceived Need for Third Party Reaches New High
  166. Obama full of crap....surprise
  167. Obama's Government Default Scare Tactics
  168. Senator Cruz is awesome!
  169. Will the Real Harry Reid Please Stand Up
  170. Will the Real Obama Please Stand Up...
  171. God Bless a Muslim Girl
  172. Can't Pay the Mortgage? Obama says "You're just a Deadbeat"
  173. Administration: Penalties for Obamacare Kick in on Valentine's Day
  174. A Message To America
  175. F*(king shutdown
  176. shutdown
  177. More Obama Pettiness
  178. Obamacare Success Story
  179. ATF Tries to Block Whistle-Blower's Book
  180. Doesn't Obama live on Federal Land?
  181. Teen Faces Felony Charges For Possessing Tackle Box
  182. Amber Alert Website Shut Down, But Michelle's "Let's Move" Site Still Active
  183. How exactly does this whole govt shutdown thing work?
  184. Is Nothing Sacred?
  185. The NSA is destroying U.S online business
  186. WOW! Now closing the Ocean...
  187. What will you do with all of it??
  188. What are they thinking?
  189. From a Recon Marine in Afghanistan:
  190. Short Rant
  191. obama sez:
  192. I saw this info on a obamcare registrant and was wondering if this was true.
  193. What is the difference between Republican and Democrat senators in Florida today.
  194. WWII veterans memorial
  195. Obamacare vs The Affordable Care Act
  196. Due to the Federal Government shutdown
  197. SNL skit on obamacare, I almost pee'd myself laughing!
  198. News
  199. Obamacare
  200. Kenya Hostage Situation
  201. Law enforcement Rant
  202. I can only hope that this is not accurate...
  203. dichotomy?
  204. FFL Dealer Wanted for a 2A Lawsuit in NWFL
  205. Money seized?
  206. FISA court ignores Supreme's recent pervasive tracking case in metadata decision
  207. advertisement
  208. Medical Marijuana legal in Florida...
  209. Telecoms don't challenge NSA
  210. Should we be surprised?
  211. Wow....
  212. Press Deception
  213. The Nolan Chart
  214. The Non-Confidentiality Agreement between NSA and Israel
  215. The "Wiener" in the news again...
  216. Support Increases for "Boots on the Ground" in Syria!!!!!
  217. Contact your rep. and let them know your mind
  218. Quit trashing Obama's accomplishments
  219. NSA keeps ALL encrypted communications
  220. NSA pays companies to make their products vulnerable
  221. Obama the MVP...
  222. Your thoughts on Syria
  223. Police Boat Crash
  224. More Obama Stuff....
  225. The Political Forum Has been A Bit Slow Lately, So....
  226. WOMD..... Interesting
  227. Who do you think said this?
  228. executive orders targeting guns
  229. Why I Support the Death Penalty
  230. Do you still think same sex marriage doesn't affect anybody else?
  231. Gun Control Through Taxes
  232. March on Washington
  233. Repuglican Health Care Policies
  234. NSA really doesn't know who looks at what
  235. Syria?
  236. Delta: Obamacare to Drive $100M Spike in Health Care Costs. Attn: JimT
  237. NSA admits guilt of willful violations
  238. US gun culture is "corrupting the world"
  239. Texas backing union of a different sort...
  240. NSA's current capacity is 75% of internet communications
  241. Declassified documents reveal FISA court's impotence with NSA
  242. NSA doesn't know what Snowden took
  243. Another one you wont hear much about...
  244. Yes we can!!
  245. Field Medical Coordinator
  246. Mark Levin's The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic
  247. Peaceful, very peaceful...??
  248. 400 stingers missing.
  249. SWAT incident
  250. Scofflaws in the NSA