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  1. Bikers for Hillary
  2. Feelings VS Fact
  3. Common sense Gun Reform
  4. LOL want some fun for a change Hahaha
  5. my dog might be a democrat
  6. Theory
  7. Dnc
  8. ‘Clinton Cash’ Movie Surpasses 500,000 Views in 48 Hours
  9. Intellectual Exercise - Switch Roles?
  10. Obama's brother plans to vote for Trump
  11. Ted's non-endorsement
  12. Proof the system is rigged?
  13. Apparenty Republicans have a Muslim/Gay porn fettish?
  14. Clinton Cash - Official Movie Premiere
  15. Russia bombs US and British troops in Syria
  16. Single Payer College Tuition
  17. Single payer health care discussion.
  18. Republican Nazi slaute?
  19. Council opens with Satanic prayer
  20. Free Inhabitant - LMAO!
  21. POTUS Polls
  22. The Republican Convention...
  23. Another small business owner gets screwed over by TRUMP!
  24. Political Correctness Kills
  25. Mike Pence?
  26. Turkish military coup
  27. I love a happy ending
  28. This sucks!
  29. Police shoot man in Fresno
  30. Anyone remember that whole transgender bathroom thing?
  31. Larry Elder interview on racism, BLM and the diabolical democratic strategy
  32. Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders
  33. Very Interesting Did you Know?
  34. More police shot - 2 bailiffs and gunman killed in Michigan
  35. HRC vs Trump on the issues
  36. This should cast doubt on her credibility.
  37. Black Lives Matter
  38. Bill O'Reilly on BHO and Islam
  39. Here is my question...
  40. US funding terrorism
  41. Carrot vs Stick
  42. BB and the 4th of July
  43. Open Southern Border
  44. Executive branch drove up Benghazi costs
  45. The woman know no shame
  46. Johnson support for term limits
  47. This is a must see video by Elbert Guillory.
  48. Brexit
  49. Who said this?
  50. Libertarian Town Hall
  51. Democrats are full of it on gun control...
  52. Looks like Trump has bigger problems.
  53. Tuck Frump video
  54. If You're Scared Of Islam, Meet A Muslim
  55. Assault Weapons Ban
  56. Obama explians the silly "Radical Islamic Terrorists" term
  57. Athlete Trafficking
  58. Milo, Gay, Conservative and On Target, a Must Listen
  59. Little by little...
  60. al-Baghdadi dead?
  61. Compare and Contrast
  62. Terror attack in Orlando?
  63. My dog is a Democrat
  64. Obama-phone fraud
  65. Department of Education (& media bias)
  66. Angela Merkel's Snake Dance
  67. Damn it Man
  68. Trump will make America great again one stitch at a time
  69. Sanders supporters
  70. Trump and Trump University
  71. We can leave gary Johnson supporters alone
  72. Trump Rallys
  73. Federal Prison Blues
  74. gary johnson's running mate
  75. Gary Johnson wants snowden pardon
  76. Crisis of character!
  77. Number of the day: Trump has been involved in 3,500 lawsuits
  78. ACLU boss quits
  79. O O OO OBaaaaamaa
  80. What makes Debbie Wasserman-Schultz so attractive???
  81. All of a Sudden!
  82. My FAVORITE new bumper sticker...
  83. Trump gets new MAJOR endorsement!!!!
  84. Trump Bad
  85. Hillary supporters
  86. Lyin Donnie is lyin
  87. 10 Things You Can’t Vote For While Following Jesus
  88. "Vince Foster was my brother. Donald Trump should be ashamed."
  89. Another Trump Flip Flop?
  90. Tell ‘Em Mr. President: Watch POTUS Poke Holes In The Republican Party’s Tactic
  91. No matter who you support, primaries suck
  92. Trump Mob Connections?
  93. Trump Wins Trump Wins
  94. What Would It Take for Donald Trump to Deport 11 Million and Build a Wall?
  95. Trump paid Zero on taxes and took advantage of loopholes he has promised to close.
  96. Morality
  97. Home Depot Employee’s ‘America Was Never Great’
  98. Hillary lying for 13 minutes straight.
  99. Great post prez gig for Obozo
  100. Pathetic
  101. Forum Member and TRUE PATRIOT running for US Congress!
  102. Democratic Party Platform 2016
  103. Chaos at Nevada Democratic Convention
  104. Gary Johnson
  105. David Petraeus: Anti-Muslim bigotry aids Islamist terrorists
  106. Your Brain on Politics: The Cognitive Neuroscience of Liberals and Conservatives
  107. The Marking Of Donald Trump Now
  108. Interesting article about Progressives BB
  109. Funny side of politics NSFW
  110. Hillary Should Concede to Bernie
  111. Liberal Redneck tells conservatives.....
  112. The small guy wins one
  113. Obama's former speechwriters laugh about Obama's 'if you like your plan' lie
  114. Paul Ryan Says U.S. Must Admit Muslim Migrants, Sends Kids to Private School that Scr
  115. Nobama still #1!
  116. Walter's Opinion
  117. Can Trump Win?
  118. Trump Flip-Flopping Already!
  119. Why I'm voting for Trump.
  120. What HillaryDidn't Learn From Bill
  121. "What I said was totally out of context to what I meant..."
  122. I find it hard to believe that Trump is still alive.
  123. Clinton's got no Balls
  124. Ted Cruz drops out of presidential race
  125. Will President Trump?
  126. Contempt for Trump Supporters
  127. You think this current young generation is bad?
  128. Will This Be The Most Do-Nothing Year Of A Staunchly Unproductive Congress?
  129. Once again, the double standard is apparent...
  130. Cleveland Buys RNC Riot Insurance
  131. What Would It Take To Power The United States With Solar Energy?
  132. Trump's VP Pick
  133. ISIS our best ally against ISIS?
  134. I never thought I would agree with Mr Koch
  135. Obama "I saved the world economy"
  136. Tomi on the PC stupidity
  137. Come on Guys!
  138. It figures . . .
  139. The Presidential election is as good as over
  140. Warren Buffet 5 min plan to fix deficite.
  141. Weekly U.S. jobless claims decline to 42-year low
  142. That little fat guy sure is fast!
  143. Harriet Tubman on the $20
  144. Just Think
  145. Federal government announces free education!
  146. Influences
  147. More like "a village of idiots"!
  148. Huma Abedin among those marked for death in new issue of ISIS magazine
  149. Hillary Has Now Repudiated All Of Bill Clinton’s Presidency
  150. We have a president that stands up to the Saudis
  151. My son's best friend lost his life
  152. Alleged Brussels Terrorist Was Star Of Documentary About Successful Integration Of Im
  153. The Citadel Mulls Muslim ‘Hijab’ Uniform Exception
  154. Great speech by Trump
  155. Rule 40b
  156. Logical Fallacies
  157. Hillary talking out both sides again
  158. How is the boycott going?
  159. Trump on Trade
  160. Yepper
  161. Guess the Republican Party
  162. 28 pages
  163. On track
  164. PayPal - come on!
  165. More bad news for Nobamacare
  166. Rigged system!
  167. Free hugs at Trump and Sanders ralley
  168. Tax Calculator showing how much you will pay with each candidate.
  169. Paul Ryan will save us from ourselves!!
  170. Rules...
  171. Lost a smart man today
  172. How did this guy get elected?
  173. Science !!!
  174. Food for thought....
  175. Hippy Liberal Logic 101
  176. BHO the president of Firsts
  177. Navy: Iranian weapons confiscated at sea — and it’s the third time in two months.
  178. Brokered Convention
  179. Nobama the world censor . . .
  180. Rising Threats - Shrinking Military
  181. Trump 101
  182. April 1, 2016
  183. Ripe for independent
  184. When Black Voters Exited Left
  185. This is why Clinton is a terrible choice for POTUS
  186. Birthers?
  187. Dreadlocks Matter
  188. France: Exodus of 10,000 millionaires amid rising Muslim tensions
  189. Obama's Foreign Policy Debacles
  190. Reporter Spills the Beans and Admits All the News is Fake
  191. Dilbert for Trump
  192. One Pissed off Jew
  193. Obamacare at 6: and expensive mess!
  194. Obama acts as if terrorism doesn't exist
  195. A bump in the road
  196. Would you let your daughter?
  197. Trump tax plan question
  198. Would you let your daughter?
  199. The Islamic Caliphate .... I think we've seen this movie before.
  200. Cruz!?!!?!?!? Ewwwwwwwwwww
  201. Official Political Cartoon Thread
  202. Clinton will crush Donnie in a run for the WH
  203. This is great!
  204. UTAH VOTER SHOCK: 'I literally had over 50 ballots in my hand'...
  205. Belgium
  206. Searchable Hillary Emails
  207. Cuban tweet
  208. Some bad news for hillary
  209. Trump is my choice
  210. Former Obama Supporters ditch the dems and supporting Trump
  211. protesters
  212. Trump is not the man for the Job
  213. Perspective
  214. I'll vote for Hillary or Mickey Mouse before I'll vote for Cruz.
  215. Trump going after Hillary
  216. I just gotta say...
  217. The Establishment picks the Nominee not Voters
  218. Obama nominates Judge Merrick Garland
  219. More Democract Lies
  220. Anonymous Threatens to Reveal Info on Cruz & Prostitutes
  221. Trump Makes Sense
  222. Voter Be Ware
  223. Trump-Session-Fishing Rights
  224. Circus
  225. Dear Saul
  226. The Right attacks Trump
  227. Patriot at Pensacola Rubio rally?
  228. Security scare: Agents rush to protect trump protester attempts storm stage
  229. GOP donors pushing Condoleezza Rice to run independent campaign
  230. Chicago Rally
  231. Trump rally cancelled in Chicago
  232. How much is enough?
  233. Obama's Job approval rating.
  234. Latest debate...
  235. Tonight's Republican Debate.
  236. Donnie's Wall
  237. We dont want a democratic socialist president!!
  238. Did I hear Kasich correctly?
  239. We could learn something from China . . .
  240. Not Election News But...
  241. Bernie
  242. Trump questions
  243. Trump and Hillary
  244. Kids can also learn!!
  245. Democrat Debate In Flint, MI
  246. Hillary less than honest is being polite.
  247. New ISIS Video Shows Execution Of Alleged Russian Spy, Threatens Attack On Putin
  248. A GREAT Woman Has Died...
  249. Honeymooners....
  250. Interesting Strategy from Putin if true . . .