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  1. The U.S. Dept of Clinton
  2. More bad news for Hillary
  3. For all the naysayers
  4. Dems have 60% shot at taking Senate?
  5. trump and donations
  6. Clinton medical condition ...an 11th toe!
  7. Just think back ..how easy it would have been to support John Kasich
  8. Clinton INC = Corruption
  9. Mind boggling
  10. How many remember.....
  11. Matt Gaetz AWOL
  12. History Lesson "Democrates"
  13. Cris Dosev for Congress
  14. NYT Editorial Board - How Can American Recover from Donald Trump?
  15. More on Global Warning - Good NYT Article
  16. trump involved with China in loan on a shared business deal?
  17. More over-posting with the clear hope ...
  18. trump campaign manager - Kellyanne Conway
  19. Protestesters spit on Ederly trump supporters
  20. Yeehaaaaa - Florida Polls!
  21. The polls aren't telling us everything.
  22. Realclearpolitics - latest polls and odds ...
  23. Tweets relationship to polls
  24. Playing Pokeman at the Whitehouse
  25. Trump's casino debt and Christie.
  26. Why Florida is trump's best swing state
  27. HRC 88.1%, trump 11.9% - Latest Polls Update, 17 Aug
  28. "I've Always Voted Republican, Until Now," Dan Ackerman, former CEO of GM
  29. Clinton Medical Condition
  30. Mississippi continues in a special position
  31. My how things have changed
  32. New trump campaign manager ....
  33. Hahahaha .... killing me ....trump, again ...
  34. Joe Biden - look at my guy with the nuke codes, right there!!
  35. Hacked Soros Memo: $650,000 to Black Lives Matter
  36. New Poll - Hillary Clinton is beating Trump by 56-20 among voters under 35
  37. Clinton E-mails Show George Soros Gave Sec of State Foreign Policy Marching Orders
  38. The Fourth Estate has been scratching at Russia and Trump
  39. New book - "White Christian America Is Dying"
  40. Another site for polls
  41. Row Erupts Over Turkeys ‘Legalisation’ Of Sex With Children As Young As Twelve
  42. Hacker demonstrates how voting machines can be compromised
  43. You are too small minded!!!!!!!!!!!!
  44. What if...
  45. Polls and Odds Update, 13 Aug 16
  46. I LOVE the last quote from the NYT article
  47. Trump making excuses for losing to HRC?
  48. we’re speeding up training of ISIL
  49. worse than worthless'
  50. Rasmussen reports...
  51. POTUS Polls and Odds Updae, 11 Aug 16
  52. More Sam Parker
  53. And ... the latest from trump on ISIS
  54. $19,966,110,000,000 in Taxes
  55. POTUS Polls and Odds Update, 10 Aug 16
  56. the trump of 2007 in a lawsuit - lie after lie
  57. Another trump OMG - this time on the stock market
  58. Jail these people!
  59. 5 Reasons You Should Vote For Donald Trump
  60. Why is Evan McMullin getting into the race?
  61. POTUS, Polls and Odds, 9 Aug 16
  62. Child Care Tax Credits
  63. Stark contrast
  64. Bernie Sanders supporters not supporting HRC
  65. Hillary - short circuited
  66. Benghazi parents sue HRC
  67. trump loses Sen Collins
  68. HOT!! - 50 former GOP national security officials line up against trump
  69. Sam Parker
  70. War with China - RAND Report
  71. HRC and trump with 10 point separation
  72. Independent candidate Evan McMullin announces
  73. Democratic party's hail mary to win election
  74. Clinton Lies
  75. Paid liberal trolls...
  76. Examples of Liberal Media Bias
  77. Email Controversy Haunts Campaign
  78. for over posting left wingnuts
  79. Republicans try again to stop trump
  80. This kid is great.
  81. GOP convention made it LESS likely voters would vote trump?
  82. trump going waaaay down in Georgia?
  83. Five thirtyeight summary of polls - all over?
  84. 17 point lead disappears
  85. Killary Kills again
  86. 75% odds on HRC to be PRC
  87. OMG ... trump!
  88. Battleground states looking less like battlegrounds
  89. Updated POTUS Poll
  90. Fibs vs Lies
  91. 70% of Trump's claims are false.
  92. Trump exposes Trump
  93. Melania will be a great first lady!
  94. New Polls - National and Swing State
  95. UN Backs Secret Obama Takeover of Police
  96. Sam parker
  97. Trump rallies
  98. The Real Debate Underneath the Mud
  99. Why This Recovery is So Lousy
  100. Another Four Pinocchio Statement by trump
  101. Khan Family article
  102. I will raise taxes on the middle class = Yea
  103. Transcript from Tuesday's trump-Washington Post interview
  104. More from trump supporters!
  105. Typical Trump supporters
  106. That moment Obama destroys Trump
  107. trump and multiple deferments ...
  108. Dear Mr. Khan Re. Mr Trump
  109. Malia Obama twerks
  110. How about those Trump tax returns?
  111. Clinton fact checked on email claim
  112. Spending money on the U.S. military is good
  113. Military Force Structure and the FY16 FYDP
  114. Report ‘Clinton Cash’ from Russians
  115. Trump and Putin
  116. Judge Napolitano Explains
  117. Bikers for Hillary
  118. Feelings VS Fact
  119. Common sense Gun Reform
  120. LOL want some fun for a change Hahaha
  121. my dog might be a democrat
  122. Theory
  123. Dnc
  124. ‘Clinton Cash’ Movie Surpasses 500,000 Views in 48 Hours
  125. Intellectual Exercise - Switch Roles?
  126. Obama's brother plans to vote for Trump
  127. Ted's non-endorsement
  128. Proof the system is rigged?
  129. Apparenty Republicans have a Muslim/Gay porn fettish?
  130. Clinton Cash - Official Movie Premiere
  131. Russia bombs US and British troops in Syria
  132. Single Payer College Tuition
  133. Single payer health care discussion.
  134. Republican Nazi slaute?
  135. Council opens with Satanic prayer
  136. Free Inhabitant - LMAO!
  137. POTUS Polls
  138. The Republican Convention...
  139. Another small business owner gets screwed over by TRUMP!
  140. Political Correctness Kills
  141. Mike Pence?
  142. Turkish military coup
  143. I love a happy ending
  144. This sucks!
  145. Police shoot man in Fresno
  146. Anyone remember that whole transgender bathroom thing?
  147. Larry Elder interview on racism, BLM and the diabolical democratic strategy
  148. Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders
  149. Very Interesting Did you Know?
  150. More police shot - 2 bailiffs and gunman killed in Michigan
  151. HRC vs Trump on the issues
  152. This should cast doubt on her credibility.
  153. Black Lives Matter
  154. Bill O'Reilly on BHO and Islam
  155. Here is my question...
  156. US funding terrorism
  157. Carrot vs Stick
  158. BB and the 4th of July
  159. Open Southern Border
  160. Executive branch drove up Benghazi costs
  161. The woman know no shame
  162. Johnson support for term limits
  163. This is a must see video by Elbert Guillory.
  164. Brexit
  165. Who said this?
  166. Libertarian Town Hall
  167. Democrats are full of it on gun control...
  168. Looks like Trump has bigger problems.
  169. Tuck Frump video
  170. If You're Scared Of Islam, Meet A Muslim
  171. Assault Weapons Ban
  172. Obama explians the silly "Radical Islamic Terrorists" term
  173. Athlete Trafficking
  174. Milo, Gay, Conservative and On Target, a Must Listen
  175. Little by little...
  176. al-Baghdadi dead?
  177. Compare and Contrast
  178. Terror attack in Orlando?
  179. My dog is a Democrat
  180. Obama-phone fraud
  181. Department of Education (& media bias)
  182. Angela Merkel's Snake Dance
  183. Damn it Man
  184. Trump will make America great again one stitch at a time
  185. Sanders supporters
  186. Trump and Trump University
  187. We can leave gary Johnson supporters alone
  188. Trump Rallys
  189. Federal Prison Blues
  190. gary johnson's running mate
  191. Gary Johnson wants snowden pardon
  192. Crisis of character!
  193. Number of the day: Trump has been involved in 3,500 lawsuits
  194. ACLU boss quits
  195. O O OO OBaaaaamaa
  196. What makes Debbie Wasserman-Schultz so attractive???
  197. All of a Sudden!
  198. My FAVORITE new bumper sticker...
  199. Trump gets new MAJOR endorsement!!!!
  200. Trump Bad
  201. Hillary supporters
  202. Lyin Donnie is lyin
  203. 10 Things You Can’t Vote For While Following Jesus
  204. "Vince Foster was my brother. Donald Trump should be ashamed."
  205. Another Trump Flip Flop?
  206. Tell ‘Em Mr. President: Watch POTUS Poke Holes In The Republican Party’s Tactic
  207. No matter who you support, primaries suck
  208. Trump Mob Connections?
  209. Trump Wins Trump Wins
  210. What Would It Take for Donald Trump to Deport 11 Million and Build a Wall?
  211. Trump paid Zero on taxes and took advantage of loopholes he has promised to close.
  212. Morality
  213. Home Depot Employee’s ‘America Was Never Great’
  214. Hillary lying for 13 minutes straight.
  215. Great post prez gig for Obozo
  216. Pathetic
  217. Forum Member and TRUE PATRIOT running for US Congress!
  218. Democratic Party Platform 2016
  219. Chaos at Nevada Democratic Convention
  220. Gary Johnson
  221. David Petraeus: Anti-Muslim bigotry aids Islamist terrorists
  222. Your Brain on Politics: The Cognitive Neuroscience of Liberals and Conservatives
  223. The Marking Of Donald Trump Now
  224. Interesting article about Progressives BB
  225. Funny side of politics NSFW
  226. Hillary Should Concede to Bernie
  227. Liberal Redneck tells conservatives.....
  228. The small guy wins one
  229. Obama's former speechwriters laugh about Obama's 'if you like your plan' lie
  230. Paul Ryan Says U.S. Must Admit Muslim Migrants, Sends Kids to Private School that Scr
  231. Nobama still #1!
  232. Walter's Opinion
  233. Can Trump Win?
  234. Trump Flip-Flopping Already!
  235. Why I'm voting for Trump.
  236. What HillaryDidn't Learn From Bill
  237. "What I said was totally out of context to what I meant..."
  238. I find it hard to believe that Trump is still alive.
  239. Clinton's got no Balls
  240. Ted Cruz drops out of presidential race
  241. Will President Trump?
  242. Contempt for Trump Supporters
  243. You think this current young generation is bad?
  244. Will This Be The Most Do-Nothing Year Of A Staunchly Unproductive Congress?
  245. Once again, the double standard is apparent...
  246. Cleveland Buys RNC Riot Insurance
  247. What Would It Take To Power The United States With Solar Energy?
  248. Trump's VP Pick
  249. ISIS our best ally against ISIS?
  250. I never thought I would agree with Mr Koch