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HAWG HUNTER 12-15-2009 04:21 PM

I have been reading NOAA fishing regs and trying to find any thing on the Fla Wildlife page

Where I am Confused is all that is Posted is for 2009 regs, Will the 2010 season be the same

I am in Georgia so I dont get all the low down on Yall's seasons down there. So if any one can give me the readers digest version of when does Snapper season start In Fedrel Waters and When does It start in State Waters and when do they end. And whats the size limit now?

I have also read that you must use circle hooks now and a deventing tool ?Is that true ?

I thought Ga laws were messed up Yall Have some crack heads that write this stuff up.

One more thing If some one can answere this Would it be wiser just to go to Alabama to Snapper fish Or do they have the same kinda of laws ?:banghead

amarcafina 12-15-2009 05:34 PM

Fl., Al. Fed, all the same which is June 1st. unless it is changed again???? no decission on limit as of now . and yes circle hooks only for all reef fish ,venting tool and de-hooking device!

HAWG HUNTER 12-15-2009 06:13 PM

Thank you Sir :)

Lyin Too 12-15-2009 06:54 PM

All kinda rumors flyin around about shortened seasons and bag limits. Dont look too good for the snapper outlook, apparently there was a bumper crop of crack this year!

Pass Time 12-15-2009 09:30 PM

And If I am not mistaken in state waters your circle hooks cannot be offset, they must be inline.Someone on the forum correct me if I am wrong. Ihave been warnedby LEO beforeaboutfishing with"ILLEGAL EQUIPMENT"(offset hooks) in state waters and with respect had to inform the officer that I was not fishing withthem at that time!

angus_cow_doctor 12-15-2009 10:48 PM

and you can only spit off the left side of the boat, and only if you have a license to spit, and if you have not exceeded your allotted spit catch shares..............:sick

We won't even talk about the butt wiping regulations.....:moon

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