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Default Annoying things guest do on a fishing boat.

Maybe it's just me, but it seems nearly every fishing trip there is at least a couple of things my buddies/guest do that really bug me.

1. Bang a sinker against my boat.
2. Leave fish on the floor and not put them in either the bait well or ice chest.
3. Time after time loose a good fish.
4. Not be ready to fish when we get to the fishing spot. "Uh, I need a new leader, my old one is frayed" (Well, why didn't you re-tie the 10 minutes were were riding to the new spot?)
5. Leave a mess in the floor, bait, cans, plastic bottles, wrappers, leader material, etc.
6. Not return the pliers, de-hooker, gaff, or knife to the proper place.

How about the rest of you, any others?

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1) Not say thank you for a $4000 fishing trip and God forbid they slide you a "twenty" for fuel

2) Sit on their ass while you drive the boat, manage the tackle, get all the food, bait, ice, tackle

3) Jump ship before the boat's tied up upon return, not to mention the days worth of clean up and post trip maintenance

4) lay around and eat while captain drives all over the gulf trying to find fish and parched from thirst cuz they're too "lazy and clueless" to even bring a drink up to ya.

5) call wifey once in the pass to get the "I gotta go wifey says something important came up".....yeah, like not helping with the post trip stuff

6) etc, etc, etc....

Sugar Daddy days are OVER.... ;-)
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Old 06-04-2012, 04:55 PM   #3
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1. Constantly asking if they can reel in the next fish. (Hook one and you can reel it in)
2. Asking if they can drive. (If I need you to drive MY boat I'll let you know)
3. Not bringing snacks/drinks and complaining so much that you finally have to give them one
4. Missing a ton of fish and wasting bait.
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Adjust the drags or play with the reels while we are trolling. I had a kid on the boat a few weeks ago that about drove me nuts by reeling in one of my flat lines. He would reel in 2 or 3 cranks at a time and then I would tell him to please stop. A few minutes later he would do it again. I almost went insane from him not listening. I wish I had the authority to spank other peoples kids.
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Catching the 56lb cobia that had my broke leader and hook in her mouth and all that stuff y'all mentioned.
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Old 06-04-2012, 05:02 PM   #6
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Not puttin rods back in the rocket launchers so when u do hook up a good fish uve got to move everything yourself cause they jus wanna watch.

After showing them a dozen times how to tie a knot they still want u to rigs everything for them.

Act like your tackle is thier tackle.

Not helping for gas because they disnt catch as many as someone else and dont think they should have to pay the same amount.
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Not bringing their iwn gear.

Ask to leave ten minutes after you start fishing because they are bored.

Hook you

Hit you with a sinker

Tangle your line with theirs

Cut off a catfish barb and leave it on the floor of the boat.

Not chip in on gas and bait.
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Old 06-04-2012, 05:03 PM   #8
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If you guys need new fishing buddies, let me know...
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Reeling up until the weight or swivel hits the top eye on the rod. How freakin hard is it to pay attintion and stop short....
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Default Top 10

#1 Peeve: Not helping wash down the boat and listening to the excuses...
#2 Peeve: Not washing the blood and skank from either a caught fish or them cutting bait...(my boat won't sink no matter how much water we bring aboard)
#3 Peeve: #2 and #1 combined and in that order...
#4 Peeve: Insisting on dropping a line before the anchoring ritual is complete...
#5 Peeve: Assuming 20 dollars will buy enough gas to get us to the Edge...
#6 Peeve: Not offering to buy ice, when it is hotter out than the surface of the sun...
#7 Peeve: Nobody knows how to throw a cast net other than the captain...
#8 Peeve: Telling the captain, "the other boat I went out on the other day we knocked them dead" but he has no clue where. (I don't care, you are on my boat, my numbers unless you get some better ones and share them, otherwise STFU)
#9 Peeve: Standing at the launch looking like a dumbass when all I want you to do is hang on to the rope when backing the trailer down so the boat doesn't float away...
And finally #10, the all time winner: Jackass tells everyone he knows; "I don't have to buy a boat or tackle because I know this guy that will take us out anytime I want to go".... EFF THAT!
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