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Fabric Shield vs steel
Fabric lets a translucent light in the house, steel only lets light in the high rib of the corrugation
Fabric rolls up and stores in tubes provided, steel panels are bulky, and heavy
Fabric and steel may both allow the window to break as tested with a large missile, 9 lb, 2x4 but the fabric keeps the envelop of the house encased and helps prevent wind and rain from entering the opening. Once the metal panels are damaged all of the elements can enter the broken window or door,
Fabric shield weighs a fraction of steel
Fabric does not get hot like steel
Fabric will not cut you if dropped during installation like steel can
An entire opening can be carried at one time with fabric, it takes 7 steel panels 77" long to cover a standard sliding glass door. That's almost 50 pounds if the steel panels weigh 1 pound per foot.
I didn't like the fabric at first because I was so used to installing the metal panels, but once I educated myself on the pros of fabric vs steel panels I was convinced the fabric was superior to steel in my opinion. I have had engineers buy fabric for their homes and many of their friends homes as well.
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